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1.๗แ 2.fall-1st Edition 3.Heart-beat 4.Secret Mystery
5.flow of the time 6.white angel 7.Ray in the future
8.Heart-beat `Radio Edit` 9.๗แ `Double Mix`
10.fall-2nd Edition 11.๗แ `Half Mix`

Ray in the future

1.Ray in the future
2.Ray in the future {Instrumental}

๗แ `Double Mix`

1.๗แ `Double Mix`
2. ๗แ `Half Mix`
fall-1st Edition

1. fall-1st Edition
2.white angel
fall-2nd Edition

1. fall-2nd Edition
2. flow of the time
Secret Mystery

1. Secret Mystery
2. Heart-beat
Heart-beat `Radio Edit`

1.Heart-beat `Radio Edit`
2. Heart-beat Original inst